Our Story...


Back in the mid 1970's A man named Lynn Coty had worked several jobs as a fleet mechanic for various trucking companies.  Many of the drivers would request that only Lynn work on their truck.  Over the years that followed he began getting many requests, not only from drivers from his place of work, but from other drivers as well.  In 1983, Lynn started doing service work out of his pickup.  He continued his daily job as a fleet mechanic during the day, and then would do service work at night.   Then in 1985, Lynn bought his very first service truck.  For the next several years he would work day and night, many times working 100+hour work weeks.  One day when he was changing the oil on a truck, a man approached him and asked how long he was going to be.  Lynn asked him why, and the man responded "I''ve got to wash the truck when your done".  So what was the next thing Lynn did?  You guessed it, he bought a pressure washer and began washing many of the trucks he would do maintenance on.  Eventually he outgrew the service truck and realized that he needed to open up his own shop.  Fast Forward thirty years later to 2015, Cotys General Truck Repair & Truck Wash has grown into a 5-bay repair, and 3- bay truck wash with over 20 employees. 


Roy Tiger Collett

  Hands down the best truck wash in Ohio Indiana Michigan.

posted Sep 2015

Coty's Hi-Pressure Wash & General Truck Repair


Brandon Powell

 I come here once a week and the guys are always awesome. Good for a laugh and a spotless truck wash!
posted Jul 2015

Kevin Freel

 These guys do a great job!! Very detail oriented. I use them every chance I get!!

posted Jul 2015